Resin flooring is not just for industrial or Commercial flooring this unique flooring solution can also be brought to your home.

Sample Description

Residential Resin flooring offer you an excellent flooring solution with the following benefits:


Resin is a cheap material. As a derivative of plastic, it has a very simple method of manufacturing and is relatively fast to install. Cost-effectiveness is a key appeal of resin floors and makes them suitable for large spaces such as warehouses.

Additional layers, such as sealants and protective layers that are skid-resistant, will add to the price of the installation. However, at the base level resin is a very cheap material.


Once the resin hardens it is extremely firm. Thicker floors can withstand almost constant use from heavy vehicles, which makes them useful for garages. Forklifts are another potential vehicle that are suitable for use on a resin floor.

The durability means resin can withstand shocks and impacts, such as from accidental drops or spillages. If a floor has foot traffic then resin is a good option as it will not wear down over time, even with constant use.


There is little point in installing a new floor if it is going to need replacing shortly after – or if damage occurs. Epoxy resin flooring is an exceptionally long-lasting type of floor, which can exceed 10 years even with constant use.

Because it lasts so long, resin flooring is a good investment, which is why they are so popular for commercial and industrial spaces. Proper sealants and protective layers can increase the lifespan further.

Domestic resin floors have different demands than commercial resin projects, and here at Resine we are very aware of what needs a domestic resin floor must meet. As well as being stylish, durable and practical, we appreciate that you are also looking for a floor that is comfortable to live with every single day.

When considering a floor for a domestic environment, the number one concern is comfort – will the floors be pleasant to live with all year round. Fortunately, a poured resin floor is exactly that, and it is both warm and soft underfoot - suitable with or without underfloor heating. The natural elasticity of our resin floors make them perfect for a domestic environment able to with stand the daily traffic of home life and easy to maintain and clean.

The other key consideration is the appearance of your domestic floor – it is crucial that the flooring in your home is exactly as you imagined it and something you are happy living with all day every day. We appreciate how important this is for our residential clients, and we work with our clients to find the perfect colour and finish. You can choose from one of our carefully curated colour ranges, you can use our innovative colour-match service to choose your own bespoke shade, or you can choose our DesignSphere floor for a completely unique floor design. We would be pleased to send out samples so you’re able to confirm your colour choice in your own time.